Tuesday, December 10, 2013

League Competition #2

Saturday December 7th was our second FTC league competition for this years season and we won 1st place overall for robot performance! We also won the think award for our Engineering Book! It was Greased Lightnings best meet yet, going undefeated in all 7 matches, and winning the final alliance phase 2-0! Our modified cube holder can now reliably hold 4 cubes, and we've added a flag spinner, which gives us an extra 35 points during end game! We found that having a reliable autonomous which can seek the IR sensor is extremely important for deciding matches, especially when a working autonomous for both teams can get you up to 120 points during autonomous. Things we'd like to improve are cube efficiency, we averaged 7-8 cubes a match, and adding a bar that an alliance robot can hang off of. We'd also plan on replacing the gears running our flag spinner and intake with sprockets, which will prevent skipping and grinding of gears if the end effector stalls.