Saturday, October 25, 2014

FTC Practice Day

On October 18, 2014
We went to Western High School, home of the WiredCats, for a practice meet. Our robot was able to score 1 ball into a tube. This was because our intake was still a work in progress, and could not pick up balls very well at that point in time. However, we are working to improve our intake so that we can pick up both small and big balls easily. We were also able to move the rolling goal up the ramp. We are now working on our autonomous, fixing our intake, and refining our scoop and goal grabbers so that they work perfectly almost every time. Our minimum goal by the first competition is to completely fill the ninety centimeter rolling goal, fill half of the sixty centimeter rolling goal, have a working autonomous, and be able to put the goals on the ramp during end game.