2014-2015 Sandy



Drive Train

The drive train has 6 wheels, and two motors on each side. Each side is chained together, and geared at a 1-1.5 ratio. 


Four stage lift with cascade rigging. It uses 3 motors and can reach any goal, including the 120cm center goal.


Made of lexan. Once it is lifted to the top of the rolling goal, it is controlled by a servo to use a four-bar linkage to lower the draw bridge. The drawbridge lowers over the top of the goal and the balls fall out into it.


Uses two sets of latex tubing. Its gear ratio is 1-3, and it rotates to catch large-sized balls and pick them up into our scoop.

Goal Grabbers

We have a guide that lines up the goal, and then two servos that grab it by lowering onto the colored edge of the goal and enabling us to hold it and carry it with us.